Imperfection is Perfection...

At Juiced Vintage we focus on authenticity and originality. With this in mind we bring to you a carefully curated selection of Vintage T-Shirts, showcasing a unique variety of themes with a particular focus on remarkable graphics, cultural significance and a nostalgic feeling.

The Importance of the Vintage T-Shirt

Vintage tees come in much fewer numbers within the UK, compared to the oversaturated distribution of branded sweatshirts and jackets. Each tee comes with its own story whether its a band tee which has been cut & worn by a metalhead or a beautifully preserved cartoon piece from someones childhood. Each story is different. The graphics are often remarkable with fades and wear like no other.

Respect the vintage tee.

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Our Story...

Juiced Vintage was founded by Toby & Veiz in March 2022. Previously both had their own vintage platforms; formerly known as 'Transparent Threads' & 'VC Locker'. External pressures, a strong passion for vintage and a close freindship led to the emergance of Juiced. Juiced aims to take the vintage scene by storm and build a legacy off of sustainability and uniqueness.